Memorializing Our Losses – My Response to the Fox News Commentator Alan Colmes

Yesterday, a woman that I know through Hannah’s Heart (the infertility and pregnancy loss ministry that I run) posted a link to the Fox News radio show in which political commentator, Alan Colmes makes an absolutely offensive and distasteful remark regarding Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorium.

If you haven’t seen (or heard) the clip, you can view it by clicking here. I encourage you to watch the clip, as Mr. Colmes body language does even more to make you disgusted.

Here is the text of the part that is truly offensive:

“Once they (the voting public) get a load of the crazy things he’s said and done, liking taking his two-hour old baby who died right after childbirth home and played with it for a couple of hours so his other children would know that the child was real.”

Here was my first thought, “What in the world was Mr. Colmes thinking when he chose to make this absolutely reprehensible and offensive comment regarding this tragic personal story?” And my second thought, “Can you imagine being Mrs. Santorium and having to relive this horrible nightmare in the political spotlight?”

Honestly, what is wrong with people today? Just because a person is running for a political office does NOT make their personal lives (or their families) open to mockery and judgment. Obviously, Mr. Colmes is nothing but a heartless politico, with no ethics and definitely no moral character.

In my years of struggling with infertility, I have known many women who have lost their babies due to stillbirth or SIDS. I know many who have suffered 2nd and 3rd trimester losses. Having your baby born into heaven does not, in any way, discount that he/she was your child. That you are their mother. That there were hopes and dreams attached to their lives.

Many of these women have chose to have professional “family” pictures taken. If you read Angie Smith’s book “Bring the Rain”, you will see beautiful pictures of their daughter who only lived a few hours. It is also not uncommon for women in this situation to have the baby spend the night in the hospital room.

From what I have read, the Santorum’s spent many weeks praying for this baby. They knew the outcome was bleak and they chose life for their son, albeit a very short life. They brought their son home, out of the sterile insensitive hospital environment, to spend time in prayer and personal grief. They did not “play” with this child. Can you imagine, the weeping and wailing? The complete and total heartbreak?

Recently, one of my favorite bloggers, Caleb Wilde, wrote a feature post on Michelle Dugger and her families decision to a) name their baby and b) to hold a private service for their child. His post was eloqent and spoke to the difficulty that any woman has when she experiences pregnancy loss.  I can only imagine, what horrific comments Mr. Colmes would have for this family as well.

For, now I am praying for Mrs. Santorum and her family as the deal with the reopened wounds of their tragic loss. I pray for the hope and healing for all women hurt by his comments.

I am appalled at Fox News and Mr. Colmes. I find this commentary disgusting, dirty politics and I am joining with American Family Radio in calling for the termination of Alan Colmes. You can find out more about this Action Alert on the website.


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    I sent my e-mail recommending firing Alan Colmes. I’m not necessarily a supporter of Rick Santorum, but this political attack is way over the boundaries of common decency. Alan Colmes hides behind the 1st amendment all the time – he says nasty, despicable things because he can.

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    First, I don’t want Alan fired. That’s a favorite tactic of the Leftist media – like when they got Juan William’s fired from NPR. Those sitting on the opposite side of the table from Colmes…Hannity, O’Reilly, and similar pundits…say things construed as hurtful ALL THE TIME.

    Second, as a woman who had multiple miscarriages and is as pro-life as you can be, I agree with Alan that to take a dead child home is a bit crazy.

    Third, the Santorums better suck it up. The Right didn’t mind saying that Clinton’s personal life was subject to scrutiny because he was a public figure and the Santorums are going to have to do the same. It goes with the territory. It is one of the reasons Colin Powell didn’t run for president…he was unwilling to put his family under that kind of spotlight.

    Fourth, I think the Duggars have moved to a place of sensationalism that is no different from what Kate Gosselin did with her children. This is another case of “If you don’t want your private life open to scrutiny, keep it private.”

    Fifth, as a once-upon-a-time heavy duty supporter of the AFA, I came to realize that they are often just as hateful except they use the name of Christ as an excuse. They are politically motivated and out to earn a buck. The Wildmons are dangerous in their own way.

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    I’m still mentally trying to get over the illness of Baby C. I can’t imagine losing a baby. My heart goes out to anyone whose baby went home to the Lord.

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    I believe the issue was that (a) the Santorium’s made a choice during the course of the pregnancy – intrauterine surgery, followed by antibiotics to fight a post-op infection in the mother – that was nearly 100% likely to cause either a spontaneous abortion or stillbirth and (b) that what, eventually, happened was, in fact, a spontaneous abortion caused by the course of treatment the Santoriums chose for the pregnancy.

    This incident further emphasizes that the Santoriums made choices that Mr. Santorium wants to deny other persons in the same situation. He advocates criminalization of abortion with no exceptions for the health of the mother, incest, rape, etc. Mr. Santorium feels that such exceptions defeat the purpose of a ban on abortion.

    In other words, if Mr. Santorium’s beliefs were law, what he and his wife chose would have been a criminal act, because it led to a late term spontaneous abortion.

    Mr. Santorium’s position on abortion extends to birth control, as he advocates overturning the Griswold vs. Connecticut decision. Griswold ended the ability of the states to criminalize birth control among married couples.

    In fact, Mr. Santorium feels that any sex that is not procreative sex is wrong.

    I really am not concerned with how the Santoriums choose to deal with their situation, no matter how bizarre. That’s their choice. However, I am oncerned that they feel they can say one thing and then do exactly the opposite. And then want to push their beliefs down others’ throats with the force of law. has been running a number of pieces by Steve Kornacki and others about Santorium’s views on abortion. contraception and abortion. I suggest them for anyone who wants an objective discussion of this incident and his virulently anti-choice position.

    if you need citations, let me know I and I will send them to you.

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    I normally respond to each and every comment made on my blog via email. Unfortunately, several of the posts above came from “no-reply” addresses.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I appreciate that we have different beliefs on the sanctity of life. My post was written from the perspective of a mother who has stared more than one time at a dead baby on an ultrasound. As well as the multitude of women that I have counseled through their loss. Regardless of political beliefs – Democrat or Republican, I find his comments appalling, distasteful, thoughtless and cruel. I would feel the same way if the Santorums were pro-life and Democrat.

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