Top 12 Posts of 2012

Just like everyone else, I am sitting here on December 31, 2012 and wondering where 2012 went. We had such an amazing year, full of wonderful experiences, lots of firsts, family, friends, successes, failures and mini miracles! I have entertained myself by reviewing all the posts I wrote for 2012. I have laughed and cried, had wonderful reminders and just over all been blessed by my little walk down memory lane.

I hope you will be to!

Here is the “best of” Sunshine Praises 2012:

I undid Christmas as I continued to deal with my mother’s diagnosis of Cancer.

I made this super cute happy birthday questionnaire for Eph’s birthday. (Which I didn’t do for Lu and am so going to do tonight.)

Breathing got a little harder as I shared about the heart breaking loss of my co-workers 8 year old daughter.

Sweet Lu taught us all about how to be a Princess in the post Princesses Must Wear Panties.

Eph learned some hard lessons on not being included in a birthday party.

I ran some crazy races including an all night relay with 5 other fantastic women and a quarter marathon.

And even finished my first mini triathlon.

Shaklee chose me to join their Team Cinchspiration and I was blessed beyond my wildest dreams!

Eph had an uber sweet moment that let me know I must be doing something right.

I wasn’t a dog anymore.

Plus, I managed to French braid (once) and then I won mother of the year!

My kids went to school and I made these adorable pictures sparked by an idea I saw on Pinterest. Lu’s 1st day. Eph’s 1st Day.

Lastly, I explained why I had been so quiet these past few weeks when we announced our special miracle!

Have a best of post? Put it in the links and I will stop by and say hi? No post? Just put your favorite post from this past year.

Happy New Year!


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