UB2 – Urban Baby Bonnets Praise & Giveaway


When Lu was around 18 months, I came across the most adorable booth at a local festival. Her fabrics were absolutely stunning and her product, a modern uptake on an old fashion baby bonnet was just lovely. Right out of a storybook, they were the perfect mix modern, trendy, funky and practical. I totally fell in love with the Urban Baby Bonnet (UB2).

Originally, just for girls, the UB2 bonnet was perfect because they offer total protection from the sun and they are virtually impossible for your little one to remove. Here is a picture of little Miss Lulu wearing her custom made UB2. [Don’t mind the messy face in the picture, it was the only one I could dig up.]


So, I am sure you are wondering why I am all a buzz about UB2 now? I have been on a mission to find some type of a cute little hat for Ezra that would prevent him from pulling off his hearing aids. Most parents use a type of pilot cap with mesh sides but personally just can’t get over how silly they look. I took a chance and pulled up the UB2 website. I was hoping that in the past three and a half years she would have ventured into boy bonnets.

Imagine the happy dance I put on when I found out that UB2 now makes a funky, fun modcap for boys (although girls look cute in them too.) I wasn’t 100% sure if it would work to keep his hearing aids on but I knew for a fact that it would protect his blond little head from burning on our outdoor adventures.

The Modcap comes in some of the most darling fabrics you have ever seen. All of the caps are reversible, have wide brim that can be folded up and a strap that snaps under the chin. There is a strip of elastic at the back of that keeps the cap snug to the neck. It completely covers the head and provides the ultimate protection to the sun.


Oh! and the Modap is so freaking cute that you will just want to buy two or three.

Ezra is wearing a size large. It is a tad big but his head size was 18 inches, making it right between the medium and the large. It does keep him from getting his hearing aids ripped off but because it is a little big, he pulls it over his eyes. I thought about buying a size down but instead am just going to buy another large. Now I just have to decide which fabric to choose from. I am thinking pirates!

I should mention here, that I paid 100% full price for my Modcap in Clammy. I was so in love with Ezra’s new cap, I asked Collette if she would be interested running a giveaway with Sunshine Praises. I am excited to say that she is providing a $25 gift certificate towards your choice of a bonnet, Modcap or even a Mama or sis cap. She even offers some great organic fabrics. Oh and did I mention that all of her products are machine-washable and USA made? And not only in the USA but right here in Central Ohio.

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  1. 17

    Lesley says

    My daughter had a couple of these when she was younger. The skibonnet is my favorite. The perfect winter hat! I’d love to get one now for my son.

  2. 23

    Lauryn Rescoe says

    I really like the owl-a-rific print! Would love to have an adorable bonnet with this print for my little girl. We live in Southern California, so are at the beach and out and about a lot. This would be perfect to keel her little head safe from the sun!

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