Ughh, I Hate the Word “Thrive” Used to Describe Deaf Children


In my new identity as a parent of a “special needs” child, I am continuously annoyed by parents regular use of the word “thrive” when discussing their children. It happened the other day when I dared to venture out into a cochlear implant discussion. The parent that was 100% against the use of sign language lambasted […]

Dancing Into Tomorrow

Our Last Photo

It is one year today (July 9th) that my Mom succumbed to cancer. The anniversary of a death brings such a strange host of emotions. I don’t miss her more today than I did yesterday or that I will tomorrow. However the date still hangs over me like a dripping towel, it somehow needs to be […]

Columbus: Charley’s Lemonade Stand @ Polaris Fashion Place


Spreading some LOCAL LOVE today! Do you have a little entrepreneur in your house? Well, I have an AMAZING opportunity for your future business owner. Charley’s Philly Steaks will be hosting a how to create your own Lemonade Stand event at the Polaris Fashion Place THIS Thursday from 10:30am to noon. About the event: Join us […]