Happy 10th Birthday to My Oldest


During the most difficult days of secondary infertility, I would like into his brown eyes and remember how ultimately blessed his presence made me. Even if I had never had another, I am certain that I could have found a place of perfect happiness with his little side smile and persistent personality. We reached a […]

The Perfect House

My family has outgrown our current home. We have 5 people in 1,100 square feet and 3 bedrooms. No basement and very limited storage. My garage looks like some hoarders house threw up in there and even I wanted to sort through it, I am not sure where I would start. Oh and let’s not […]

WHAM Love: Cuddlepants Cloth


Disclaimer: I bought this product at full price. I love supporting WHAMS and local businesses.  So! In honor of the Buckeyes playing in the National Championship game tomorrow, I thought I would share this lovely local online shop – Cuddlepants Cloth.   I had the WONDERFUL pleasure of meeting Sally at the bi-annual Sprout Swap. […]

Parenting on the R.O.C.K


  Parenting my ADHD, impulsive, overly intelligent child has been extremely difficult lately. I am not sure what is going on in his head but he just can’t seem to get it (and keep it) together these days. I have to admit that I have not been the best at monitoring his additives, red dye […]

Stop the Dinner Drama with eMeals

eMeals Recipe

Disclaimer: I am an eMeals blogger and receive my subscription for free in exchange for promoting their services. However, I love them and highly recommend their program. All thoughts, ideas and opinions belong to Sunshine Praises. This recipe belongs to eMeals.  It’s no lie. I am a die hard eMeals believer. I know they can do […]